Living on the south coast of Ireland, we face south east and receive sun for most of the day. Situated near to the sea we experience windy conditions and copious amounts of Irish rain. Warmed by the Gulf Stream we have mild winters so that most of the trees are left outside all winter with no extra protection. Alan built me a large slatted two tier Bonsai table which helps to give a little shade. He has made for me a small Japanese style garden to display a few trees as they should be rather than cramped together on my cluttered table, but it is still unfinished. I also have several 'growing on' beds where trunks can be encouraged to fatten. It is also a great excuse to have more trees than I can cope with!!!! Each year in February all the trees are dug up, root pruned and replanted. some will be potted up, often to be exchanged with trees on the bench that will be given a period of unrestricted growth. Look for photos in the News section.